Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT HOLIDAY NOTE: In order to provide you with the lowest possible prices during this holiday season, all orders placed between 11/20/16 - 11/30/16 are final. There will be a $35 restocking fee charged for any final sale items that are returned and a refund will be given in the form of a store credit. The restocking fee will be deducted from the store credit total.


What is the shipping and returns policy of WMF Americas?  

To see our full shipping and returns policy, please visit our Shipping & Returns page by clicking here.


What does WMF Americas charge for shipping?

Order Dollar Amount                                                                Shipping Cost

Below $60                                                                                    $7.75

From $61 to $99                                                                          $10.00

$99 & Above                                                                                $0.00

Alaska and Hawaii (for any dollar amount ordered)            $50.00 flat shipping fee

*NOTE:  We do not offer FREE Shipping for orders over 100lbs that may require special handling (i.e.: residential addresses, addresses without lift gates or require inside delivery or special delivery appointments).  Orders will be canceled after 24 hours if a customer does not return our contact request to pay for the additional shipping fees associated with the special handling shipping cost.  The company, at its discretion, may also limit the quantity of sale items purchased and/or multiple orders for identical items shipped to the same address.  This includes return shipping as well, if a return shipment is over 100lbs and requires special handling, FREE Shipping is not offered and the customer must return these items at their own expense.

When will my order be delivered?

Each order is allotted 3-6 business days to process and ship. After the order is processed and shipped out of the WMF Americas warehouse, a shipment confirmation, which will contain the tracking information for the order, will be sent automatically via email.


I am attempting to enter a  shipping address for Canada. Why am I getting an error?            

We currently do not ship to addresses that are outside of the United States. You may use a credit card issued outside of the United States but you must have a shipping address in the United States to complete the order process. 


Does WMF Americas ship outside of the United States?                                                                 

No. We currently do not ship outside of the United States.


Does WMF Americas take credit cards issued outside of the United States?

Yes. We currently accept credit cards that have been issued outside of the United States.                                                                                                        

What is the back order policy of WMF Americas?

WMF Americas does not back order merchandise. If an item is unavailable, you will be notified of the unavailability and the item will be removed from your order. It will not be shipped to you, and you will not be charged for it.


Does WMF Americas offer any other shipping method than standard ground?                            

No. WMF Americas ships standard ground and does not offer any quicker shipping method at this time.                




I would like to make a return. How does WMF Americas' return process work?

Merchandise may be returned or exchanged for free as long as the return or exchange is completed within 21 days of receiving the goods and the merchandise is unused and still in its original packaging.  Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy. After 21 days, the customer must contact Customer Service at in order to submit a request to return the merchandise. The request must include the following information:

  • A Valid Order Number
  • The Product Name(s) and Product Number(s)
  • The Reason for the Return or Exchange
  • A Photo Reference (only in the case of defects)

Please note that any items marked as “Final Sale” are not eligible for return.   


I had my order shipped to an APO Address. Do I still qualify for free returns?

Due to issues occurring with APO and PO boxes, WMF Americas no longer ships to APO or PO boxes. We need a physical United States address for shipping. This would automatically exclude any returns from APO boxes.

I used a freight forwarding agency to ship my items. Do I still qualify for free returns?

No. Customers who use a freight forwarding agency to ship their goods outside of the United States are not eligible for returns, free or otherwise. 

If I use a freight forwarding agency to ship my order, how should I report damage?

If you use a freight forwarding agency to ship your products outside of the United States, any damage to products must be reported within 24 hours of the shipment arriving at the freight forwarding agency. The 21 days for the return policy also begins the day that your order arrives at the freight forwarding agency.

 I did not purchase my WMF items from the WMF Americas website. Can I still return them to WMF Americas?

No. If products were not originally purchased from the WMF Americas website, they cannot be returned or exchanged at WMF Americas. Products must be returned or exchanged at the original place of purchase.

I used my WMF product and decided I do not like it. Can I return it?

No. Items being returned must be in their original packaging and in unused condition. They should be sent back to us in the original shipping carton before 21 days have expired after they were delivered to you. Items will be inspected after their return to the WMF Americas warehouse to determine their condition. If you return used items to WMF Americas, you may pay a $10.00 shipping fee to have the items shipped back to you.

If you have any other questions in regards to WMF Americas' Shipping and Return Policy, please click the Shipping & Returns link to read more.

Cancelling an Order

How long do I have to cancel my order?          

Once an order begins moving through the shipping process, it cannot be cancelled. You can, therefore, only cancel an order before it has entered processing for shipment. You do, however, have two options. 1) You can refuse the shipment when it arrives, or 2) you can use the free return shipping label located in your package to return it to WMF Americas.  

What if I want to cancel my order after it has entered the shipping process?                                          

After your order has entered into the shipping process, it cannot be cancelled. The order will continue through processing and will be shipped out to you. You have two options to return the order. 1) Upon delivery, you can refuse the package, or 2) you can use the free return shipping label located in your package to return the merchandise to WMF Americas. When you refuse delivery of the merchandise or use the free return shipping label, the shipping carrier will return the package to WMF Americas. When WMF Americas receives the returned merchandise, the package will be inspected. If the merchandise is unused and in its original manufacturing packaging, a refund will be issued at that time.


What if I try to cancel my order on the weekends?

We cannot ensure cancellation if you try to cancel orders when our offices are closed. This includes weekends and regular holidays.

Warranty Claim

I would like to make a Warranty Claim. How do I proceed?

If you are requesting a warranty claim, please contact Put "Warranty Claim" in your subject line and include the following information in the body of your message:

  • Valid receipt information, WMF order number, or Warranty Voucher
  • Original place of purchase
  • Photo(s) of defective product        

NOTE: Without proper validation, WMF is not liable for warranty replacements. Because the above information determines eligibility for warranty coverage, a warranty claim cannot be requested without it, and the claim will be subject to denial of coverage. 

NOTE: If you are using a freight forwarding agency and do not report damage the day that your item arrives at the freight forwarding agency and before it is shipped overseas, you will void your warranty and are not eligible for warranty/defect claims.


Order Changes & Updates

I received a notification that my order was cancelled or items were removed due to "unavailable items."  When I placed the order the items were available. How did this happen?

We do our best to manage product inventory, but during times of heavy website activity, unavailability of products can occur even after an order is placed. This unforeseen activity cannot be controlled by us. In the event that products become unavailable, they are automatically deleted from an order, and customers are notified via e-mail of the change to their order. These removed items will not be shipped out or charged to the customer. WMF will notify the customer within 7 days from the order date if there has been a change in their order.                                                                                                  

I entered in my shipping/billing address incorrectly.  Can I contact you to correct it?

No. Unfortunately, once an order is submitted, no changes or edits can be made to the order. If you need to correct your shipping or billing address, the order must be cancelled before the shipping process begins. You can then place a new order with the correct information. If the order has already started to be processed, you will receive a shipping email with your tracking number when it is shipped. You can then contact the shipping provider (UPS or FEDEX) and, for a small fee, you can change the shipping address with them.

I want to add/remove/change items on my order.  Can I contact you to make these changes?

No. Unfortunately, once an order is submitted, no changes or edits can be made to the order. If you need to make a change to the order, it must be cancelled before the shipping process begins so that a new order may be placed with the correct information. You can also place a separate order for any additional items that you did not include.

Viewing Order & Order Tracking

Where can I view my order and keep track of my order progress?

If you already have an account with WMF Americas, you can log into your account and view your order progress. If you have not yet created an account, learn how to do so by clicking here.


How do I receive an order tracking number when my order ships?

When your order ships, we will send you a shipping email that will include your order details and a FedEx or UPS tracking number. If you do not receive your shipping email with a tracking number or if there is something wrong with your tracking number, please email us at

Promotional Codes & Pricing

I forgot to use my promo code. Can I have it applied after my order is placed?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to orders after they are placed. If you forget to enter a promotional code, you must inform Customer Service within 24 hours of placing your order. If you do so, we will issue you a store credit for the discount difference.

Note: This is only valid for promo codes that qualify for the current purchase.  This does not include welcome codes that may be used on a subsequent order.    

I tried to use my welcome promotional code on a sale item or an item in a special sales event and it did not work. Can I have it applied after the order is placed?

No. The welcome promotion is only valid for regularly priced items and is not available for items in special sales events.


Does WMF Americas offer price match?                                       

No. Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time without notice.  


Will WMF Americas honor a previous sale price if an item I want during a sale goes out of stock and I sign up to be notified when it is back in stock?

No. Unfortunately, our prices are subject to change often and without notice. If an item goes out of stock during a sale, you can sign up to be notified when it comes back into stock, but we cannot honor a previous sale price.                                                  


Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cooker Diagram


What do I do if I cannot get my pressure cooker lid on/off?                                 

When you are putting your lid on or taking it off, be sure that the dimple on top of the lid to the left of the lid handle is lined up with the cooker handle. The two must be lined up in order to put the lid on and lock it as well as to take it off and unlock it.                         

My heating up time is too long and my cooking indicator (1) does not rise. What’s wrong?                                                      

In most cases there is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker. There could be a number of causes  for these issues, such as:

  • The size of the stove burner is unsuitable. To ensure that this does not occur again, make sure that the diameter of the base of the pressure cooker matches that of the burner.
  • An incorrect heat setting is being used. You may need to turn up your heat ever so slightly. Remember that a little heat goes a long way. A slight adjustment may be all that is needed.
  • The lid may not be closed correctly. To check if this is the cause of the problem, fully reduce the pressure, open the lid, and check that the sealing ring fits correctly. After making sure that the sealing ring fits properly, close the lid again (as in the instructions that came with your pressure cooker) and try again to see if the problem is remedied.
  • The ball in the safety valve (9) does not fit correctly. To check if this is causing the problem, fully reduce the pressure, open the lid, and check the safety valve (9) making sure that the metal ball is positioned correctly. After checking the positioning of the metal ball, close the lid and try using your pressure cooker again.
  • There is no liquid in the pressure cooker. To check if this could possibly be the cause of your problem, fully reduce the pressure, open the lid, and add liquid. It is recommended to have a minimum of at least 1 cup of liquid.


Steam is escaping from the lid. Is there something wrong with my pressure cooker?                                                                            

 In most cases there is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker. This could be caused by a number of things such as:

  • The sealing ring (10) and/or the rim are dirty. To check if this is the cause of the steam escaping, fully reduce the pressure and open the lid. Then, clean the sealing ring (10) and the rim. Replace the lid and try to use your pressure cooker again.
  • The regulator (7) is not set to the “Zu/Locked" position. To check if this is the cause, be sure to push the regulator (7) to “Zu/Locked” position. Try using your pressure cooker again.
  • The sealing ring (10) is damaged or hardened (through normal wear and tear). If this appears to be the cause, simply replace the ring (10) with an original WMF replacement sealing ring, which is available for order on our website.


Steam is escaping continuously from the safety valve (9). Is there something wrong with my pressure cooker?   

No. In most cases there is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker. More than likely the ball is not in the correct position in the safety valve and has probably been pressed into the upper chamber. To see if this is the cause, fully reduce the pressure, open the lid, and press the ball into the lower chamber of the valve. Check the maneuverability of the main valve (3) and close the pressure cooker again, giving the pressure cooker another try.


A lot of steam escapes through the cooking indicator (1). Is there something wrong with my pressure cooker?               

In most cases there is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker. Most likely the cooking indicator seal (2) on the inside of the lid handle is not in the correct place or is damaged. Reposition the cooking indicator seal (2), and if this does not remedy the problem, replace it with an original WMF replacement seal.


While using my pressure cooker a loud humming noise occurred.  Is there something wrong with my pressure cooker?

In most cases there is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker. On a high heat setting, a humming noise may occur. This noise arises for technical reasons as well as being a safety feature. It does not indicate a fault in your pressure cooker.


Sometimes when I am using my pressure cooker it burns my food. Why is that?

In most cases, burnt food is caused by the heat source being too high. Since pressure cookers use pressure to cook, a little heat goes a long way and can build up quite a bit of pressure. 


Is it normal to see a small amount of water drip under the rim during cooking?

No. In most cases, this is not normal. This is caused by one of two things. The first cause is that you have too much water in the pressure cooker. To resolve this issue, you first need to fully reduce the pressure in your pressure cooker. Then, simply take the lid off and remove some of the liquid. The second cause is that the sealing ring inside the rim of your pressure cooker could be dirty or damaged. To resolve this issue, fully reduce the pressure of your cooker, remove the lid, and then clean your sealing ring. If, upon further inspection, you find that the sealing ring is damaged, simply replace it by ordering a new one from our website.

If something goes wrong with my pressure cooker, can I send it back to be serviced?

Yes. To send your pressure cooker back for a warranty repair, please contact WMF Americas customer service at Frequently, a photo to reference the issue, a brief description of the issue, and your order information (if applicable) will need to be provided. Sometimes, however, a warranty repair is not necessary because our website provides replacement parts for sale. In most cases, a new part is all that your pressure cooker may need.

 How many years warranty does my pressure cooker have, and what does it cover?

A WMF pressure cooker has a 3-year limited warranty from the date of purchase with a valid Warranty Registration Card or proof of purchase. WMF has the right to deny any warranty claim that does not include the Warranty Registration Card or proof of purchase. This warranty only covers defects in the material or workmanship of the pressure cooker and does not include damage caused by misuse or abuse of your pressure cooker.

What does the pressure cooker warranty NOT cover?

The warranty does NOT cover any of the following:

  • Parts that can be replaced such as the cooking indicator seal, safety valve, sealing ring, and handles, which are all subject to normal wear and tear and for which WMF offers replacement parts at the WMF Americas website.
  • Damage resulting from unauthorized repairs or from the use of non-genuine WMF replacement parts or accessories.
  • Failure to follow operating instructions or warnings in your instruction manual.
  • All defects resulting from accidents.
  • Damage suffered in transit.
  • Misuse or negligence (including overheating and boiling dry).
  • Normal wear and tear such as scratches, dulling of the finish, staining, etc.

What is a Warranty Registration Card or Voucher, and where do I get one?

A Warranty Registration Card is a physical card that is included in the box with your new pressure cooker. It can be found attached to the back of your pressure cooker operating instructions booklet. This card must be filled out with all required information and then mailed back to WMF Americas Group Inc. This information is very important, especially if you need to make a warranty claim on your pressure cooker. Without it, your claim may be subject to refusal and you may be held as the liable party in the claim. 

If you would like to register your warranty online, please visit to complete your registration. 

While using my pressure cooker or other WMF cookware, the bottom plate fell off! Is this a warranty claim?

In most cases, this is not a warranty claim and is usually due to improper use of the cookware. Improper use includes the wrongful and unnecessary use of constant high heat and especially high heat over a period of time. 


If my bottom fell off, can it be repaired?

No, this type of damage cannot be repaired.

WMF & Silit Cookware

Is WMF cookware suitable to use on all stovetops?

Yes. WMF cookware is suitable for all stovetops, including induction ranges, unless otherwise directed.

 What material is Silit cookware made out of?

Silit cookware is made out of Silargan®, which is an ultra-hard, ceramic high-gloss surface. It is nickel-free and anti-bacterial. It is also dishwasher-safe unless otherwise directed.  

To read more about the benefits of Silargan®, Click Here.


What is the maximum oven temperature for cookware lids and handles?

The maximum oven temperature is dependent on the lid and handle material. To learn more about the maximum oven temperatures for the lids and handles of specific WMF cookware, Click Here.


Is Silit cookware suitable for all types of stovetops?

Silit cookware is suitable for all stovetops, including induction ranges, unless otherwise directed.

After cooking with my Silit cookware, I noticed some white spots and discoloration on the pan. Is this a defect?

No. This is not a defect. Depending on the composition of the cooking water, calcium deposits may remain on the pot. These deposits can be removed without difficulty using a mild cleanser or Silit's special cleanser (91.9808.0000) which is available on our website.


 Is WMF cookware that is made in China the same quality as WMF cookware that is made in Germany?

Yes. Our cookware is made of the same materials and held to the same high-quality standards, no matter where the cookware is made. We hold all of our factories to strict manufacturing and materials specifications. We maintain strict oversight and monitoring of the manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of our cookware, whether it is manufactured in China or Germany, is of equal quality and meets all WMF quality standards.

I tried to cook eggs in my Silit cookware, and they stuck? Is this a defect?

Food sticking to your pan is not a manufacturing defect but, rather, is a result of having the heat too high. Eggs are especially delicate and are very susceptible to overheating. In order to cook the best eggs, you must reduce the heat under your Silit cookware; and, if not previously done, you must be sure to use oil or butter as well. During cooking, WMF and Silit pans require very little heat compared to other pans because they have amazing heat retention. This results in great energy savings for you, the consumer.

What is the best way to care for my stainless steel cookware? Do you have any tips?

If you need to know the best way to care for your stainless steel cookware, please visit our page on caring for your stainless steel cookware by clicking here.


What is Cromargan® Stainless Steel?

Cromargan® is the registered trademark of WMF's 18/10 stainless steel since 1927. The Cromargan® alloy consists of 18% chromium, 10% nickel, and 72% steel. The steel in stainless steel is made stainless by the addition of chromium while nickel makes it acid-resistant and adds gloss. This unique composition results in a material with high-performance characteristics.

Cromargan® stainless steel has the following advantages:

  • It is dimensionally stable.
  • It is tough.
  • It is taste-neutral and resistant to all food acids.
  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Alfi Carafes

*Please note: As of December 31, 2015, WMF Americas Group Inc. will no longer serve as a distributor for Alfi products in North America. Alfi returns for repair will not be accepted after December 15, 2015. Please refer to for any questions after these dates.

Alfi Thermal Carafe DiagramThere are streaks and crack-like lines on my liner.  Is my liner damaged or defective?

No. The streaks in the glass liner are due to the manufacturing process and do not influence the durability or insulating capability of Alfi products.

Can I use a microwave oven, conventional oven, stove top, or hotplate to pre-heat my carafe?

No. Using any of the above will damage your carafe.

My carafe is not keeping my hot contents hot for up to 12 hours.  Is there something wrong with my carafe?

In most cases there is nothing wrong with your carafe. Before pouring your hot contents into your carafe, run very warm or hot water through your carafe. This process will warm up your carafe’s liner. Since your carafe is constantly sitting at room temperature or cooler temperatures, the glass liner will get cold more quickly if it is not pre-warmed. The liner is designed to efficiently hold its temperature; and, if it is not adequately pre-warmed, it will affect the length of time that the contents remain hot or warm. However, if you regularly practice the pre-warming process and the insulating function of your carafe continues to be affected, you may need a new part to improve its insulating capabilities.

Can I pour boiling water into my carafe?

No. Do not pour boiling water into your carafe. The highest recommendation for the temperature of liquids poured into your carafe is 95 °C (203°F), which is just before boiling point. If you pour boiling water or other boiling ingredients into the carafe, it can cause the glass liner to implode. 

Can I put ice cubes in my carafe?

No. Ice cubes can damage the insulating glass liner.


Is my Alfi carafe dishwasher safe?

Very few carafes are dishwasher safe. Exceptions include stainless steel carafes that do not have glass liners. If your carafe has a glass liner, it is not dishwasher-safe and should be washed by hand. Dishwashers can cause damage to the glass liner of your carafe.  

How should I hand wash my carafe?

Use warm water and dish soap to clean the inside of the vacuum flask. A soft foam brush is recommended. Do not immerse the carafe in water. Do not use metal or hard plastic cleaning brushes. Do not use coarse-grained abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, sponges or similar items. After cleaning the flask, carefully rinse it with water and allow it to dry.  

What is the Over Pour Method?

Manual coffee-making methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike. The ability to control every variable in the brewing process creates a cup of coffee that is exactly suited to one's preferences. This technique highlights the unique characteristics of individual coffees and has convinced many to make the switch to the manual brewing method.

The over pour method starts with a cone-shaped dripper with ridges along the inner wall and multiple small openings at the bottom. This design keeps the paper filter from sticking to the walls of the cone encouraging extraction at the bottom and sides of the filter. The paper filter is placed within the cone to keep the grounds from falling through. The cone is then placed in the mouth of the carafe.

 Grind: We recommend a grind setting between fine and medium. A good ratio is ¼ cup ground coffee to 4 cups of hot water.

 Technique: (Please read this section in its entirety before you begin). The preferred technique starts with thoroughly rinsing the filter and placing it inside the cone. Rinsing the filter helps to eliminate any paper taste in the finished coffee. After adding the ground coffee, level the bed and make a small divot in the middle. Targeting this depression, pour just enough hot water in it to wet all of the coffee. Stop and wait 30 seconds, allowing the water to saturate the grounds and allowing for the release of gasses that build up during the roasting process. Wetting the grounds will use about 10% of the hot water. Continue pouring slowly starting in the middle and moving in and out in concentric circles until the desired volume of coffee is reached. Keep the flowing water about ¼" away from the exposed walls of the cone dripper at all times and try to maintain a constant volume throughout the brewing process. This should be done slowly enough that the process should take between 2.5 to 3 minutes. By directing the flow of water only over the grounds and not over the edge of the paper filter, you will maintain a higher quality of brewed coffee. Because the brew is diluted by the passing of water through the exposed bare filter, it is important to prevent the water from exceeding the level of the grounds as you pour. The build-up of excess water above the grounds could also push the paper filter into the neck of the cone thus prohibiting the brew to filter properly. Continue to pour until you have used all of the hot water.


After your pour is completed, dispose of the paper filter and grounds, rinse the cone, and gently give the carafe a swirl. Now enjoy your cup of coffee.

What does the Alfi warranty cover?

Alfi guarantees the material and workmanship of their carafes for 2 years after the date of purchase and the insulation performance for 5 years. (Insulation performance only refers to the internal insulation performance of the carafe which includes the internal glass insert and not the lid). The guarantee does NOT cover glass or capillary breakage caused by the customer or damage that occurs due to improper use. Additionally, the guarantee is not valid in cases of faults or defects arising from repairs or modifications implemented by unauthorized third parties.

My carafe needs service. Does WMF Americas offer service or repairs for carafes?

No. As of December 15, 2015, we can no longer service or repair Alfi carafes since we are no longer a distributor of Alfi products.

Please refer to for any questions after December 312015.


Kaiser Bakeware

 Is the water-bath method of baking cheesecakes suitable for use with Kaiser's springform pans?

No. The water-bath method is not suitable for Kaiser products and affects them the same as washing them in the dishwasher does. Kaiser springform pans are made of steel with a micro-porous non-stick coating, which makes them sensitive to the water vapor that can pass through the coatings and cause corrosion by the water coming in contact with the steel. The resultant corrosion formation causes coating infiltration and detachment.

Our baking molds are only suitable for baking in the oven. Food should be removed from Kaiser baking pans as soon as possible and should not be stored for several hours in the pans to avoid the build-up of condensation and corrosion.

NOTE: Kaiser pans are leak-resistant, not leak-proof. 


The springform buckle on my Kaiser pan broke. Is this covered under warranty?

Yes. The buckle on all Kaiser pans has a lifetime warranty.

How would you recommend cleaning my Kaiser pan?

It is recommended that you only clean your Kaiser bakeware by hand, using a soft cloth in hot water with a non-abrasive dish soap.  Do NOT use commercial cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents. Be sure that you do not use any abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool, wire brushes, course sponges or scrapers. If sharp or abrasive materials come in contact with the sides of the pans, it can cause the coating to crack and peel.


 WMF reserves the right to change its policies regarding shipping/returns/warranties/cancellations at any time without notice.