About Kaiser


The history of Kaiser Bakeware starts in 1919 in the beautiful Ore Mountains of Germany. The company was founded by Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser, a wholesaler of household goods who fell in love with the art of baking through his beloved wife, who was a passionate home baker and was well known in their village for her exceptional baking creations. Since it was not very common in Germany to bake cakes during this time, and good baking equipment was almost nonexistent, Wilhelm got the idea to start providing home bakers with the best of the best in handcrafted bakeware. During the 2nd World War, Wilhelm lost nearly all of his possessions but was able to escape from the Russian occupation in eastern Germany to the western part of Germany. Even then, Wilhelm did not give up his dream. He started his company again with less than ideal conditions, hardly any materials, some borrowed start-up capital, a few drawings, and just one hand-operated mould press. Wilhelm’s efforts paid off, and with a small team, the Kaiser company began a steady process of  successful growth.


The Future in Sight

The Kaiser brand has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing bakeware without ignoring the signs of the time. Innovative strength, visionary thinking, and the pleasure of creative baking have made the company the market leader for baking pans and accessories.


When innovation is a product of traditional expertise and new technology, great things can be expected. Kaiser is a perfect example of this! In 1919, Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser set the foundation for valuable quality products. In the 70’s, Kaiser developed the first non-stick baking pan, and in the 80’s our La Forme series of bakeware offered (and still offers) the most distinctively unique material mix on the market. With its new KAIRAMIC® non-stick coating, La Forme is setting new standards and is the new premium series of baking pans!


Trends and Traditions

Baking and cooking have never been more popular. Kaiser inspires hobby bakers and professionals alike with traditional pans of high-quality materials as well as developing new products for baking enthusiasts. The inspiration is global as Kaiser is sold in more than 50 countries.


Kaiser combines traditional baking with the latest technologies to offer new products that make a difference. For example, the Happy Animal baking pans were added for more baking fun, and the La Forme Select series of high-quality accessories makes baking a most exquisite delight.


Top quality – made in Germany!

Kaiser is synonymous with quality. For over 90 years now, our customers have come to rely on the quality of products produced by Kaiser. We use only the highest grade of materials and employ the most critical tests to ensure that this tradition lives on. It doesn’t stop there either; we are certified by DIN ISO 9001.

Every innovation is tested thoroughly before it is brought to the market. We have a comprehensive program in our 15-point test kitchen that all products must pass before they can bear the name Kaiser.